Gunda trailer: Joaquin Phoenix produces an experimental animal rights documentary

With Joaquin Phoenix producing and Paul Thomas Anderson lavishing praise upon it, Gunda certainly has its credentials in order. This animal rights documentary is directed by Victor Kossakovsky (whose last film film Aquarela is a must see) and won over a lot of critics when it debuted at Berlinale earlier in the year. It simply observes a flock of chickens, a herd of cows and the life of a mother pig, asking us to question the value of their existence - animals that are often bred just for slaughter and to feed human want. Watch the trailer for Gunda above.

Gunda is a film about the intelligence, emotions, and sensibility of animals which we have been living close to for thousands of years and mainly considered as our food. The film will show how animals have thinking without language, the capacity to anticipate, the power of insight and decision. And therefore their own destiny.

Gunda will have a short one week run in New York and Los Angeles from December 11, before arriving in cinemas next year.

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