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Green Lantern (US) in October

Warner Home Video have announced the US DVD and Blu-ray Disc release of Green Lantern on 14th October 2011. Ryan Reynolds stars in this comic-book adaptation.

The Blu-ray ($35.99 SRP) and Blu-ray 3D ($44.95 SRP) sets will include both the Theatrical Cut (114mins) and a new Extended Cut (123mins) of the film (in 2D, the Blu-ray 3D disc is the theatrical cut). Extras on the Blu-ray editions include:

  • Theatrical Feature & Extended Cut Films (extended cut in 2D only)
  • Maximum Movie Mode with PiP
  • Ryan Reynolds Becomes Green Lantern
  • Universe According to Green Lantern
  • WBA Green Lantern Animated Series Promotion
  • Digital Enhanced new Justice League book #1
  • Deleted Scenes

There is also a standard DVD release ($28.98 SRP) which only includes the theatrical cut and loses all of the extras except for deleted scenes and preview of new Justice League book #1.

All versions apparently include an ‘Ultraviolet Digital Copy’, which coupled with claims of ‘instant streaming’ suggest you no longer download a digital copy, you stream it instead.


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