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Green Lantern: First Flight (R1/US BD) in July

Warner Home Video have announced the US DVD and Blu-ray Disc release of Green Lantern: First Flight on 28th July 2009. When Hal Jordan first becomes a Green Lantern, he is put under the supervision of senior Lantern, Sinestro, only to discover that his so-called mentor is part of a secret conspiracy that threatens the entire Green Lantern Corps.

Available on 1-disc DVD ($19.98 SRP), 2-Disc DVD ($24.98 SRP) and Blu-ray Disc ($29.99 SRP), features are outlined below…

1-Disc DVD

  • Audio Commentary
  • Sneak Peek of the next upcoming DC Universe title Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
  • Featurettes of Superman Doomsday, Justice League New Frontier, Batman Gotham Knight & Wonder Woman
  • Trailers

2-Disc DVD - As above plus:
  • Behind the Story with Geoff Johns – The New York Times best-selling writer discusses the mythology of the Green Lantern: Oa, the Guardians, Power Rings and the greatest of all Green Lanterns – Hal Jordan
  • Green Lantern Corps character profiles of Sinestro and the Guardians of the Universe
  • Behind the Scenes of Blackest Night, the epic DC comic superhero event in which the dead shall rise
  • Duck Dodgers series episode The Green Loontern
  • Bruce Timm presents 2 bonus cartoons
  • Digital Copy

Blu-ray Disc - As per the 2-Disc DVD plus:
  • I Am The Ring - A look at the symbolism of the ring in literary lore – and as reimagined for Green Lantern
  • Bruce Timm presents 5 bonus cartoons

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