Godfather: Worldwide Release Dates and Details!

Thanks to an anonymous industry insider we can now reveal the full details of the upcoming Godfather boxset. First up, the release is going to be world wide spread out through October - check the full list of dates below for your part of the world!

We can expect a five disc boxset covering all three films, all anamorphic with remastered Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtracks along with a huge array of extra material as laid out below:

Disc One: The Godfather
Features: Coppola commentary

Disc Two and Three: The Godfather, Part II
Features: Coppola commentary

Disc Four: The Godfather, Part III
Features: Coppola commentary

Disc Five: Bonus Features:

  • "Francis Coppola’s Notebook": an inside look at Coppola and the creative process, taking the "The Godfather" from book to screen
  • "On Location" with Academy Award-winning production designer Dean Tavoularis, who goes back to New York's Lower East Side for a look at some of the original locations where "The Godfather" films were shot
  • "The Godfather Family: A Look Inside": a 73-minute documentary on the films' origins, including original screen tests and rehearsals
  • "The Godfather Behind the Scenes 1971" – a featurette from the original theatrical release
    Additional scenes: scenes that were added to later versions of the original films, presented within a timeline of events from 1898 forward that chronicles the Corleones' rise and real-life events
  • "The Cinematography of The Godfather," featuring Gordon Willis
  • "The Music of the Godfather": two featurettes looking at the unforgettable musical contributions of Nino Rota and Carmine Coppola
  • "Coppola and Puzo on Screenwriting": the collaboration of the novelist and filmmaker adapting the book to the screen
    Storyboards from THE GODFATHER PART II and animatic storyboards from THE GODFATHER PART III
  • "The Corleone Family Tree": character and cast biographies
  • Academy Award acceptance speeches
  • Photo galleries with captions
  • Theatrical trailers
  • Filmmaker biographies

Here's the release date breakdown:

UK, October 9
France, October 9
Germany, October 9
Denmark, October 9
Norway, October 9
Sweden, October 9
Belgium, October 9/16
Netherlands, October 16
Spain, October 29
Italy, October 29
Australia, October 9
New Zealand, October 9
Mexico, October 19
Brazil, October 19
South Korea, October 9
Hong Kong, October 15
Singapore, October 15
Philippines, October 15
Taiwan, October 15
Japan, October 26

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