Ginger Snaps

One film that suddenly seems all the rage is Ginger Snaps, a supposedly fresh take on the horror/werewolf genre (I wouldn't know as my Region 4 copy still hasn't arrived!). Well, after announcements of it's pending DVD release all around the world dropping in over the last couple of weeks, Mosaic Movies have announced their plans to release the DVD in the UK this October.

The story revolves around two teenage sisters, Brigitte and Ginger. Obsessed with dying and bound by their childhood pact to stay together forever, the girls loathe their dull suburban existence. Their seemingly simplistic life takes a drastic turn when one day out of the woods, one of the sisters is unexpectedly attacked by a wild creature. This mytsterious attack slowly transforms the girl, gripping her with inexplicable blood-lust and violent hostility.

The DVD will be released on 29 October - just in time for Halloween. It will feature a widescreen transfer, Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, the theatrical trailer, screen tests, 'Creation of the Beast', a featurette and production and cast notes.

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