Ginger Snaps: First Look

Yet another quick look pending a full review - this time it's the recent Canadian horror film, Ginger Snaps. At first glance it looks like Mosaic have done a pretty good job - this isn't quite the same in terms of content as the Region 1 Canadian disc, but it's not too bad all the same.

The picture quality is reasonable - there is some minor digital artefacting and it's not the sharpest picture I've seen, but there's nothing much here that could be considered a drawback. The transfer is 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen.

Sound is a nice Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack - nothing too deep, but adequate to do the film justice. It doesn't have the slight flaw that was present on the Region 4 disc.

Extras are fairly lightweight - we have some screentests of the main actresses, a featurette entitled 'Creation of the Beast', another basic featurette on the film, a trailer and the usual production/cast notes. Annoyingly, all of the extras are presented in a window within the menu.

Based on this quick look, if you have Region 1 capability then the Canadian disc is the one to go for (NOT the US release). If not then this Region 2 disc is on par with the Region 4 and doesn't have the minor sound issues that blighted that release.

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