Geri Yoga (or more junk to clog up the shelves)

VCI have announced a Region 2 retail DVD release for Geri Yoga - a yoga 'tutorial' programme featuring ex-Spice Geri Halliwell and her yoga teacher Katy Appleton. Running to 90 minutes the disc features a full yoga workout starting with two warm up sections through to a typical Hatha yoga class.

In addition - to make the disc appeal to not only yoga lovers, we're 'lucky' enough to have an exclusive interview with Ginger herself focussing on some of her lifestyle and health tips and 'illustrating that yoga is not just about exercise but a whole way of living that could transform anyone's life'.

I'm sure you're all waiting in anticipation for this release! Don't panic as there's not long to wait - Geri Yoga will be released on 29 October retailing for £19.99.

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