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Warner Home Video have announced the Region 1 DVD release of four George Stevens related DVD releases for 7th December 2004. Priced at $19.97 SRP each are three of the renowned director's own works and a documentary focused on his life and work put together by his son. Special features have yet to be revealed, while each film is presented in the original Full Frame aspect ratio with Mono sound and optional English, French and Spanish subtitles...

George Stevens' D-Day To Berlin - Academy Award(R) winning director George Stevens' personal and comprehensive documentary of World War II, from the invasion of Normandy to the fall of Berlin. Photographed in color for the first time. Written, produced and narrated by George Stevens, Jr. Director: George Stevens Starring: George Stevens, Jr.

George Stevens: A Filmmaker's Journey - The director's son put together this outstanding documentary of his father's life and work. In addition to interviews with actors and contemporaries (Fred Astaire, Warren Beatty, Frank Capra, Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, John Huston, Joel McCrea, Alan Pakula, Ginger Rogers, Elizabeth Taylor, and others), the film features behind the scenes home movies. Stevens was also assigned by Eisenhower to film WWII and the documentary contains highlights from this spectacular footage - the only color footage shot of D-Day, the march through Paris, and the liberation of Dachau.

Gunga Din - The British send three of their best men to investigate when a patrol is massacred by Hindu fanatics intent on reviving the ancient murder-religion of the Thuggee. Sergeants MacChesney, Cutter, and Ballantine and their water-carrier, young Gunga Din barely escape their first encounter with the bloodthirsty enemy. After they are captured they employ a clever ruse to escape, and take the Thuggee leader as their prisoner. With British reinforcements approaching, they discover their comrades are walking into a trap. In an incredible acto of bravery, Gunga Din, wounded from battle, crawls to a temple dome and blows his bugle to warn the soldiers.

I Remember Mama - Irene Dunne stars in this nostalgic picture directed by George Stevens as the mother anyone would love. Chronicled by her aspiring-writer daughter (Barbara Bel Geddes), Mama is the matriarch of an immigrant Norwegian family in 1910 San Francisco. She and her husband bring up their four children with great humor and hope, amid genteel poverty in a new land. Meddling relatives, illnesses and near-death draw the family together, and all are close to Mama, the one person who can make things right. Nominated for five Academy Awards(R), this endearing and heartwarming classic brings together a flawless supporting cast, including Philip Dorn, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Edgar Bergen, Rudy Vallee and Ellen Corby.

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