Garrett Bradley's stunning documentary 'Time' will be available to watch free on Amazon Prime this weekend

Garrett Bradley's superb documentary, Time, which won the Directing Award for US Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival 2020, and was released globally on Amazon Prime in October, will be free to watch on the e-commerce giant's streaming platform and YouTube channel for Thanksgiving weekend.

It tells the story of Fox Rich, an entrepreneur, abolitionist and mother of six boys who has spent the last two decades campaigning for the release of her husband, Rob G. Rich, who is serving a 60-year sentence for a robbery they both committed in the early 90s in a moment of desperation. Combining the video diaries Fox has recorded for Rob over the years with intimate glimpses of her present-day life, director Garrett Bradley paints a mesmerising portrait of the resilience and radical love necessary to prevail over the endless separations of the country's prison-industrial complex.

In our review of the film we said "Throughout it all Fox remains an inspirational figure, an activist, entrepreneur and mother who has continued to stand up to the authorities. At what cost, we do not know, and perhaps she won’t either until allowed the time to look back on a struggle she has fought for almost half her life. Justus (her son) reflects on the ravaging effects of time, saying that although his family project a very strong image, behind it all lies a lot of pain. As they prepare for the parole hearing even Rob's lawyer says the state will resent that the Richardson’s are coming from such a position of strength, underlining the inherently racist nature of a cruel system built on power and subjugation rather than anything to do with the obtuse concept of 'justice'."

Watch Time on Amazon Prime for free, or on the Amazon YouTube channel from November 26 to November 29.

Time (2020)
Dir: Garrett Bradley | Cast: Fox Rich | Writer: N/A

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