Garfield as Himself in August

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Garfield As Himself for 16th August 2004 with a retail price of £9.99. Everyone’s favourite fat, lazy, ginger cat will be pawing his way onto cinema screens this August and fans will also be able to enjoy the original, classic Garfield Cartoon Series as it is whisk…ered onto DVD.

Introducing Garfield and his friends in three themed specials – all Emmy® winning or Emmy® nominated – Garfield as Himself is guaranteed to make a purrrfect addition to any DVD or video collection!

Here Comes Garfield
In this hilarious first episode of the original Garfield cartoon series, Garfield and Odie get themselves into a spot of bother when the dopey, yet lovable Odie is taken away to the city pound. In a fit of guilt, Garfield sets off to rescue him… only to get caught himself! He finds out that Odie will be put down if he is not claimed by morning and Garfield makes it his mission to save his old friend and return them both safely home to Jon.

Garfield on the Town
Garfield is on the way to the dreaded vet’s clinic. On the way, Garfield manages to fall out of the car window and he finds himself out on the town! He soon realises street life is not as good as being at home; it’s cold, it’s getting dark and he misses his buddy Jon. After a run in with some alley cats, Garfield takes refuge in a derelict building with a strangely familiar smell! It’s the old Italian restaurant where he was born and grew up and he soon discovers his mother still lives there… with his many brothers and cousins! But when the alley cats come to find him and attack the family, will Garfield show what he is really made of or will he turn out to be the fat house cat they all believe he is?

Garfield gets a life
Jon is bored! In actual fact, Jon is boring! Garfield decides to help Jon get a life… so Garfield can get his own life back! When reading a book on ‘how to make friends’, or more importantly ‘how to meet girls’ doesn’t work, Garfield’s prayers are answered when he sees an advert for ‘Lorenzo’s School for the Personality Impaired’…

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