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Garbo Silents in September

In light of the Signature Collection's recent postponement Warner Home Video have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of two Greta Garbo silent films for 19th September 2005. Flesh and the Devil and The Mysterious Lady will debut in celebration of the luminous and mysterious star's 100th birthday on 18th September, priced at £15.99 each.

Flesh and the Devil
Leo (John Gilbert) and Ulrich (Lars Hanson) are life long friends. Home, on leave from their military training, Leo sees the beautiful Felicitas (Greta Garbo) at the railroad station. Awed by her beauty, they meet again at the ball and quietly leave together. In her room, her husband, about whom she has neglected to inform Leo, comes in and challenges Leo to a duel. The duel is done, the Count is killed, and Felicitas is a widow. Leo, however, is 'requested' to serve 5 years in Africa and he tells Ulrich to watch over Felicitas while he is gone. After 3 years, Ulrich is able to get a pardon for Leo, and all that Leo thinks about on the way home is Felicitas. When he arrives, he learns that Felicitas has married Ulrich. Felicitas likes that Ulrich is rich and she never told Ulrich the truth about Leo and her. Leo is crushed and does not visit them which saddens Ulrich as he does not know the reason why. Leo tries to stay away from her, but Felicitas uses every opportunity to tempt him to return to her as her lover. She creating a deadly triangle with the two life long friends.

DVD Special Features:

  • Settling the Score Goes Behind the Scenes of the TCM Young Film Composers Competition and the Scoring of Notable Silent Movies, Including These Garbo Classics
  • Commentary on Flesh and the Devil by Garbo Author Barry Paris
  • Photo Montages on Garbo's Silent Years at MGM
  • Alternate Ending

The Mysterious Lady
The Mysterious Lady directed by Fred Niblo, stars the seductive Greta Garbo as Tania Federova, a woman of mystery who in reality, is a Russian spy who seduces her victims.

DVD Special Features:
  • Commentary on Mysterious Lady by Film Historians Tony Maietta and Jeffrey Vance
  • The Divine Woman: Surviving 9-Minute Excerpt of This Lost 1928 Silent Film
  • Photo Montages on Garbo's Silent Years at MGM

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