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Future Shorts - Adventures in Short Film #1 in September

Future Shorts have announced the UK DVD release of their first compilation DVD – Adventures in Short Film – Volume 1. A collection of 16 award-winning and ground-breaking short films, animation and music videos which will be simultaneously released in cinemas, on DVD and available as online downloads.

The DVD is a collection of the most inspiring, breathtaking and entertaining short films shown as part of the Future Shorts Festival and features some of the hottest directorial talent in the past five years. The line-up includes the outstanding Oscar-nominated ‘7:35 in the Morning’, a homage to the French New Wave with ‘I Just Want to Kiss You’ starring Martin Freeman and music videos from the Mercury Music Prize nominated Bat For Lashes.

Also included is Kim Chapiron’s ultra cool ‘La Barbichette’ starring Vincent Cassel and LOVESPORT seies’ animation ‘Park Football’ which has just completed a stint being played before features in every cinema across the UK.

Available from 22nd September 2008, the DVD is priced at £14.99 RRP.

The full list of shorts included follows:

1. What’s A Girl To Do
Dir: Dougal Wilson / UK / 3’00 / 2007
Music video by Dougal Wilson for Bat For Lashes (+ credit to Universal Music)

2. City Paradise
Dir: Gaelle Denis / UK / 6’07 / 2004
When Tomoko moves to London she finds the city an alienating place, but a supernatural encounter changes everything. BAFTA and Cartoon D’Or nominated.

3. 7:35 de la Manana
Dir: Nacho Vigalondo / Spain / 8’06 /2003
A woman enters a restaurant one morning – only to be met with silence rather than people talking. Oscar nominiated 2005.

4. La Barbichette
Dir: Kim Chapiron / France / 4’57 / 2002
Three brothers are slouched on a sofa watching TV. A seemingly trifling situation, turns into a real nightmare when their mother asks for a favour. Starring Vincent Cassel.

5. La Vie d’un Chien
Dir: John Harden / USA / 13’19 / 2005
A wonderful homage to Chris Marker’s La Jetee and an ode to freedom of love: a scientist synthesizes a drug that enables him to consume his love for his pet dog. Winner of Best Narrative Short at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

6. I Want More
Dir: Dan Gordon / UK / 3’17 / 2004
Faithless video inspired by the acclaimed documentary ‘A State of Mind’ (+ credit to SONY BMG)

7. Meat
Dir: Slava Ross / Russia / 14’22 / 2004
Times are hard for single mothers. But there are things young boys don’t want to know. A tremendously touching drama about growing up in 20th Century Russia. Winner of the Best International Narrative Short at the Rome International Film Festival and the Best Debut Film at Message to Man in Russia.

8. Procrastination
Dir: Lev / USA / 2’00 / 2007
Lev has a lot of stuff to get done. He will start getting his stuff done… in a minute.

9. Revolution of the Crabs
Dir: Arthur de Pins / France /4’59 / 2003
The crabs from the Gironde estuary have a serious problem: they can’t change direction and during all their life they are condemned to follow the same line. Cartoon D’Or nominated.

10. Neighnor
Dir: Eric Lynne / USA / 2’00 / 2003
His neighbour is having a party on Saturday. It sounds great.

11. Park Football
Dir: Grant Orchard / UK / 2’00 / 2005
Tensions mount in surely the shortest game ever, as match emotions and park life are merged and condensed into mere minutes through the simple yet evocative animation.

12. I Just Want To Kiss You
Dir: Jamie Thraves / UK / 11’06 / 1989
A homage to the French New Wave and a touching story of friendship and love, starring Martin Freeman.

13. She Loves me, She loves me not
Dir: Jamie Rafn / UK / 7’33 / 2003
Synopsis: A man sits in the pub, soaked to the skin in Guinness. He reflects upon the ups and the downs of his relationship.

14. On s’embrasse?
Dir: Pierre Oliver / France / 6’16 / 2000
A girl arrives at her audition ten minutes early. Finding it difficult to learn her lines, she approaches a man nearby for help...

15. Never like the first time
Dir: Jonas Odell / Sweden / 14’33 / 2005
In animated interviews, four people talk about their first sexual encounter. Awkward, heart warming and recognisable, all their stories have one thing in common; it will never be like the first time again! Winner of the Golden Bear Award at the Berlin International Film Festival and the Prix UIP Cork (European Short Film).

16. Jojo in the Stars
Dir: Marc Craste / UK / 12’40 / 2003
Synopsis: Jojo is a story of love, self sacrifice and murderous jealousy played out in a world that is both nightmarish and hauntingly beautiful. BAFTA winner 2004 Best Animated Short Film and winner of the 2005 Cartoon D’Or.

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