Futurama & The Simpsons

Following up our previous news story regarding the R2 release of the Futurama Season 1 Boxset we have now acquired the artwork which as you can see, is rather nice...

In The Simpsons news it would appear that the 'Best of' collections of Simpsons episodes that are currently seeing regular VHS releases will make the transfer to DVD (alongside the Season boxset releases) as Fox have just announced the first dual VHS/DVD release, The Simpsons: Film Festival for an R4 release on February 13th 2002. The four episodes featured are...

  • Beyond Blunderdome
  • Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie
  • Twenty-Two Short Films About Springfield and
  • A Star is Burns

The only known extra feature for this release is a montage of 'Troy McClures Greatest Moments'. The folk over at The R2 Project have already confirmed this DVD will see its R2 release on the 18th March 2002, no doubt at a much higher retail price.

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