Freaks trailer: Emile Hirsh is worried about a creepy looking Bruce Dern

The festival boom allows more films than ever to get a chance in the spotlight but it also makes for a tough market for many others. Freaks was picked up quite early after debuting at TIFF last year, but despite very strong reviews, not much has been heard about it outside of the festival circuit since. Watching the trailer it's hard to determine the full story, as it seems to nod towards being a sci-fi or supernatural horror/thriller of some kind. Either way, it's effective and builds up the intrigue, and you can see for yourself by watching the trailer for Freaks above.

A disturbed father locks his bold 7-year-old daughter in a house, warning her of grave dangers outside. But the mysterious Mr. Snowcone convinces the girl to escape and join him on a quest for family, freedom, and revenge.

Adam Stein and Zach Lipovsky direct their first film, with the cast starring Emile Hirsch, Bruce Dern, Grace Park, Amanda Crew and Lexy Kolker.

Freaks opens in the US on August 23 but we're not sure yet if it will get a release in the UK.

Freaks (2018)
Dir: Adam B. Stein, Zach Lipovsky | Cast: Amanda Crew, Bruce Dern, Emile Hirsch, Lexy Kolker | Writers: Adam B. Stein, Zach Lipovsky

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