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Footprints (R2) in August

Shameless Screen Entertainment have announced the UK DVD release of Footprints on 31st August 2009 priced at £12.99 RRP. Directed by Luigi Bazzoni (The Fifth Cord) and boasting cinematography by Vittorio Storaro (Apocalypse Now), Footprints stars Florinda Bolkan (Flavia The Heretic) as Alice, a young translator who finds the real world slowly merging with her nightmares as she tries to solve her memory loss of the past few days. A postcard leads her to the island of Garma where the people there not only seem to know her but also her vivid dreams of an astronaut left behind on the moon become steadily stronger…

Never before released in the UK and unavailable worldwide on DVD until now, the film will be presented in an exclusive Shameless re-build edit (which restores previously lost scenes) and remastered in 1.85:1 with optional English 2.0 sound (the preferred language for viewing this film) and Italian 2.0 sound mixes plus optional English subtitles. Extra features include alternate English opening credits, a theatrical trailer, US video trailer, image gallery, a Shameless original trailer gallery of all 20 trailers of the Shameless collection so far and a reversible sleeve.

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