Existence of The X-Files: Season 3

Here's another Region 4 announcement from Fox, this time for the third season of The X-Files. A 7-disc box set will be released on 14 November, featuring all 24 episodes from the third season. The episodes will be spread across the first six discs - that is, four episodes per disc. Extra material is located mainly on the seventh disc, but the other discs all also contain deleted scenes and international clips. The extra features on the final include:

  • 'The Truth About Season 3': Chris Carter talks about 12 of his favourite Season 3 episodes

  • Deleted scenes with opitonal commentary

  • 'Behind The Truth' segments

  • Special effects clips

Price is, as yet, unknown, but is likely to be around the AUS$180 mark (about £65), like the Season 1 and 2 sets.

The final two episodes of Season 8 will be released on the same date as The X-Files: Existence. The press release does not mention it, but presumably this disc will include the Alex Krychek character profile and behind-the-scenes footage which will be present on the R2 disc, due for release a week earlier.

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