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Exclusive Interview with Christina Lindberg

In February Kev had the wonderful opportunity to interview Swedish icon Christina Lindberg via telephone. Ever since she left the world of filmmaking her fans (including the interviewer himself) have wondered what she has been up to, and so Kev took the time out to ask her all about her past, her current adventures and putting to rest some popular rumours. With some of her best known films having recently made their debut on DVD, and with more to come in the future now is as good a time as any to celebrate the work of Christina, and introduce her to new a new generation of cinema fans.

Several days after the interview went live Christina kindly sent in some exclusive, never before published photos to accompany the piece; due to some of the content, the interview had to be given restricted content access, meaning that only site members could subscribe and view the article. It was decided that any photos that may be deemed too explicit should be removed so that casual browsers could access this. The interview as you see it now includes all bar one photo, and we feel that these are tasteful and in no way offensive. We hope that fans of Christina will enjoy the interview. So let's go Looking for Mushrooms: A DVD Times Exclusive.

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