Evil Dead: Book of the Dead R1 & R2 Updates!

First the bad news...

R1: Michael R. Felsher of Anchor Bay Entertainment US posted an update to the Mobius' Home Video Forum where he confirmed the recent rumours that the original Within the Woods short created by Sam Raimi to raise funds for The Evil Dead will NOT appear on the 'Book of the Dead' reissue. This news is extremely disheartening and is all down to an unexpected situation arising, quite what exactly we do not know, although 'rights' issues over music used in the short are the most likely reason. The Evil Dead: Book of the Dead set will still be available to buy from March 5th with an unchanged RRP of $49.98 still standing despite this loss. Here is the original News Report featuring the full R1 Specs, just remember to omit the 'Within the Woods' details.

Moving on to the good news...
R2: Further to our News Update yesterday we can now confirm that The Evil Dead: Book of the Dead Limited Edition will come to R2 DVD on March 18th with an RRP of just £19.99 (compared to the $49.98/£35 R1 RRP). Direct from the Press Release is the following information, while the pictures below are taken from pages in the sets Limited Edition packaging.

"On 18th March 2002, Anchor Bay Entertainment UK will release a limited edition of The Evil Dead on DVD with plenty of special features such as ‘Within the Woods' (the original short film that inspired The Evil Dead) and a documentary by Bruce Campbell. The DVD is presented within the pages of The Book of The Dead which has been sculpted and illustrated by Tom Sullivan, who created the Necronomicon, dagger, and other special effects for the original film.

Crafted to look like the nasty tree from that scene in the film, the jacket of the book is made to look as if it has been formed from flesh in weird spongy latex. Inside are illustrations of skulls, demons, decapitated bodies and mysterious symbols.

The DVD features a choice of Dolby 5.1 surround sound or Digital Surround 6.1 and the aspect ratio is 16x9/1.85:1. Extra features include the US trailer and audio commentaries by Sam Raimi, producer Robert Tapert and Bruce Campbell, Fanalysis, an all new 26 minute documentary by Bruce Campbell, ‘Within the Woods', a theatrical trailer, TV spots, and talent biographies. Even more material is accessed by ‘easter eggs' which lead to previously unseen behind-the-scenes' footage. This is a DVD that every horror enthusiast will covet."

From that information it would appear the UK edition will feature the Within the Woods short as quite often rights issues in the US do not cause a problem here in the UK. With that said, Anchor Bay did officially announce the R1 set as containing this short, and then withdrew that statement, so what I am saying is "Do not build your hopes up just yet!".

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