Everything - The Real Thing Story trailer: How four lads from Liverpool changed British music

You can follow the through line of Black British music from the likes of Stormzy and So Solid, to Soul II Soul and Billy Ocean (even further to Winifred Atwell or the arrival of ska in the 50s). Only a few months after Mr Ocean hit number 2 in the UK charts, The Real Thing became the first all-black British band to reach number one with 'You To Me Are Everything'. Director Simon Sheridan's new documentary gives the band centre stage to reflect on their journey from Liverpool to international success and how they influenced music in the UK. Watch the trailer for Everything - The Real Thing Story above.

Everything - The Real Thing Story is the story of the 'other four lads from Liverpool' and tells their story from the tough streets of Toxteth to the bright lights of New York, and international stardom as Britain's first million-selling soul and funk band. Against a backdrop of racism and social and political turmoil, The Real Thing were the first all-black British band to hit #1 in the pop charts – with the perennial 'You To Me Are Everything' – and as a result became the original black pin-ups for teenage fans in the UK. Other hits like 'Can't Get By Without You', 'You'll Never Know What You're Missing' and 'Can You Feel the Force' set dancefloors alight, but their proudest moment was composing their anthemic 'Children of the Ghetto' – the first ever song to address the plight of black people in the UK, and is now a staple of Mary J Blige's live stage act. The band's massive success has also been tempered with personal tragedy, and for the very first time Eddy, Chris and Dave tell their incredible story of a 45-year-long career. After five decades, they remain the true pioneers of British soul.

Some of the talking heads featured in the documentary include Billy Ocean, David Essex, Trevor Nelson, Kim Wilde, Paul Barber, Janet Kay, Denise Pearson and Louis Emerick.

Everything - The Real Thing Story opens in UK cinemas on January 24. You can find full listings here.

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