Everybody Has A Plan Has A New Trailer

Two Viggos for the price of one.

If you’ve ever thought there’s just not enough Viggo Mortensen in the world (who hasn’t?) then this latest trailer for Everybody Has A Plan might satisfy your perfectly understandable need.

Written and directed by Ana Piterbarg, Everybody Has A Plan sees Mortensen as Agustín, a man who feels stuck in the confines of his dull life in Buenos Aires. It’s only when his twin brother, Pedro (also Mortensen) dies that Agustin takes the opportunity to step into the shoes of his recently departed sibling and return to where the two grew up. Of course, it’s really not that simple and after taking his brother’s identity, so too does he take his baggage pushing Agustin into a criminal world he wasn’t prepared for.

The trailer might not get the pulse pounding to the necessary rate it wants you to, but Viggo twinning it up on screen should be enough to hook you in. Check out the trailer and voice your comments below.

Nick Staniforth

Updated: Sep 12, 2012

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