Eva and Waiting Women in May

Tartan Video have announced the UK DVD release of Eva and Waiting Women for 23rd May 2005 priced at £19.99 each. Released as part of their ongoing Bergman Collection, these discs will include DVD notes written by Philip Strick.

Eva (1948) - Bergman’s script was directed by Gustaf Molander, but it follows psychological themes which become prominent in Bergman’s filmmaking career. A man is traumatized by a childhood incident where he tragically causes a boy to be killed by a train. He attempts to come to terms with the events through the growing friendship with a former sweetheart.

Waiting Women (1952) - Whilst resting in a summer cottage and waiting for the return of their husbands, three wives recount incidents from their respective marriages. The first recounts her dull frigid relationship, the second shares her thoughts of her marriage whilst waiting to give birth, and the final woman learns a few homes truths when trapped in a lift with her husband. Emotional drama tinged with insight and humour with superb performances from his prominently female cast.

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