EU Commission tackles DVD pricing

According to the Financial Times and BBC Online, the European Commission are currently investigating what they see as being artificially high prices for European DVD releases. According to the reports, Mario Monti, the EU's competition commissioner has written to various distributors asking about their Regional Coding policies and the effect it has on prices charged.

EU spokesman, Michael Tscherny, said "We sent letters on Friday to the seven major distributors to find out whether the US system of regional coding is used to artificially charge higher prices". The EU launched a very similar enquiry into CD pricing in February.

This is an interesting development in the ongoing argument between the DVD distributors and various worldwide organisations. The results of this investigation will make very interesting reading and as soon as we have more on the story we will be posting it here.

Thanks to Ian Miller and Dominic Witherow for pointing out the two articles in question.

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