Entitled idiots sent Rian Johnson death threats over The Last Jedi

Fans. On one hand they provide a reliable audience to franchise and tentpole films and TV series, and on the other they can be some of the most entitled, nasty people on the planet.

We already knew that The Last Jedi was a film that split Star Wars fandom in two - while critics and a sizeable number of fans loved it, a smaller, but far more vocal minority overran social media and review aggregation sites claiming all sorts of horrible things about the film and causing its 'audience' ratings to plummet. They celebrated everything negative that happened to the film and now we discover, some of them even sent death threats to the director, Rian Johnson.

Read that again... They sent death threats to a director because they didn't like something about a film. Even for someone of Johnson's stature and power, a death threat is a scary thing.

It is utterly absurd that this has to be said, but if you feel the need to write to ANYONE about ANYTHING and threaten their life you need help. This has to stop.

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