Entertainment on Elm Street

Entertainment In Video have at last announced the Region 2 Nightmare on Elm Street Boxset for release on 25 June. The UK release will feature the first five films of the popular horror film series and will retail for a reasonable £49.99 (with each title being available separately for £19.99).

Each disc will feature a digitally remastered widescreen version of the film along with the appropriate theatrical trailer. The first film will also feature a commentary with Wes Craven, Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon and Jacques Haitkin providing the vocals. The third film will include the music video 'Dream Warriors' while the fifth film will include two music videos - 'Are you ready for Freddy?' and 'Anyway I Gotta Swing It'.

On the same day, we can also expect to see a Region 2 release of the Cameron Diaz film The Invisible Circus. The DVD will feature interviews with Cameron Diaz, Jordana Brewster, Christopher Ecclestone and Adam Brooks along with on-set B-Roll and behind-the-scenes footage.

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