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In an uncharacteristic move, Entertainment In Video have announced their line-up right up until October. There are some real gems in there and it finally looks like EIV could begin to capitalise on the catalogue of movies available to them. On 23 October, we can expect to see a two-disc version of Seven. This is most likely the same special edition as is being released by New Line in the US. Other titles announced for release by the end of the year include Final Destination, Frequency, U-571 and to top it all a UK release for the entire Nightmare on Elm Street series of movies in one six-disc box-set (The US had an eight disc set which included Wes Craven's New Nightmare and a bonus disc of extra material). Other titles to be released include: 19 June Tears of Julian Po Complicity (Features: Trailer, The Story Of A Journalist) 3 July The Muse Rancid Aluminium 7 August Body Shots The Batchelor 11 September Next Friday Magnolia 23 October Boiler Room American Psycho Seven (2 Disc Set) We can also expect releases of Pecker and Tumbleweed in September. All of the discs listed here will retail for £19.99 and unless mentioned, details on extras are unknown.

Colin Polonowski

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