EiV announcements (including Dungeons and Dragons)

Entertainment in Video have announced the astoundingly poor Dungeons and Dragons for Region 2 DVD release on 13 August. Starring Jeremy Irons, Thora Birch, Tom Baker and Zoe McLellan, the film is directed by (unfortunately obvious) newcomer Courtney Solomon and based upon the popular swords and sorcery card/board game - not the classic television cartoon series.

The DVD will feature two special documentarys: 'The Making of Dungeons and Dragons' and 'Let the Games Begin', we can also expect 'unseen footage' and an insight into the special effects and artwork used.

Joining Dungeons and Dragons on 13 August we also have The Tao of Steve starring Donal Logue and Greer Goodman. Apparently, the film 'uses wit to prove that neurosis isn't the reserve of the female of the species'. Having not experienced the film yet I can't really comment any further.

The DVD will feature the theatrical trailer and a feature-length director's commentary.

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