DVD Rot?

We're getting widespread reports of problems with a number of high-profile MGM releases including The Terminator and Silence of the Lambs. It appears that these discs are suffering from what has been termed 'DVD Rot' - and this actually appears to be caused by a problem with the glue holding the two layers on dual-layer discs together.

We have been in touch with MGM's PR company regarding this and as soon as we have any official word we'll post it here. This appears to be a similar problem to that which was reported to affected early Region 1 and 2 copies of The Matrix last year.

What to look out for

'DVD Rot' is usually visible on a disc to the naked eye. What you can expect to see is a 'milky' patch on the disc's surface where the bonding that holds the layers together is failing. However, it's common for perfectly good discs to show similar light-coloured swirls even if they are not affected so don't panic if your copy looks like this - as long as it plays there's nothing to worry about.

Look out for more updates on this as we get them.

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