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I've been working behind-the-scenes again - this time I've been bringing our sister site DVD Portal up to date with more advanced searching algorithms and the like.

Now that I'm satisified that things are running well I thought it was about time I reminded everyone that DVD Portal exists! It's more than just a links page - we're planning to add a lot more to the site over the coming months with the intention of making it the ideal starting place for everyone who has an interest in DVD.

If you're unable to find what you're after on DVD Times, make sure you try DVD Portal - we already have links to most major DVD sites. Of course, if you run a DVD site, now's the time to submit your details so that we can add you to the database - new automated checking procedures now mean that your site can be approved for addition more quickly than before (although we do still have the final click - so we do weed out the inappropriate sites before they appear in the database)!

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