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DVD and Blu-ray Roundup - 31st March 2014

Lars Von Trier's controversial Nymphomaniac is getting its DVD and Blu-ray debut on 28th April. The disc and VOD releases will feature both parts of the two-part story.image

Slightly more tame and following a tiny run at the cinema, Almost Married, starring Emily Atack (The Inbetweeners) and Philip McGinley (Game of Thrones) is coming to DVD on 7th April. image

Finally, Second Run are releasing Andrzej Wajda's Man of Marble on 12th May.

It tells the story of a determined young filmmaker Agnieszka (Krystyna Janda) who sets out to make a documentary about ‘Worker’s Hero’ Mateusz Birkut, who in the early days of the Communist revolution became as famous as any film star, only to disappear from the record books in 1952. Delving into that recent past, Agnieszka determinedly pursues Birkut’s story. Birkut’s rise and subsequent fall from favour and disappearance into obscurity provides Wajda with a framework for a brave reassessment of the times.

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