Drawing Flies - the lost ViewAskew film!

Kevin Smith fans should take note that a small Independent film going by the title of Drawing Flies will be released on R1 DVD on February 26th by IndieDVD. Although not actually directed by Smith he does feature as his famous onscreen persona, Silent Bob! Also present are Smith regulars, Jason Mewes and Jason Lee, who in the film leads a party of slackers on a search for Bigfoot!

Given the full 'Viewaskew' DVD treatment you will find two audio commentaries present on the disc. The first features directors Malcolm Ingram and Matthew Gissing, while the second features actors Jason Lee, Jason Mewes, Renee Humphrey, Carmen Lee and Producers Scott Mosier and Kevin Smith. Other extra features include an introduction to the film by Scott Mosier, while Kevin Smith explains the film, and additional footage integrated into the film, bloopers, deleted scenes, and several stories by Kevin Smith.

Although we have no word on the films video specs we do know it will feature DD2.0 Sound, while the RRP is a mere $19.98.

Source: DVDReview

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