Dragon Lord from HKL this August

Hong Kong Legends have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Jackie Chan's Dragon Lord for 25th August 2003 with a retail price of £16.99. The announced features for this DVD release seem to be slighly less than HKL usually manage, but the all important Bey Logan audio commentary is in there so we have something to look forward to...

  • Digitally re-mastered and restored DVD transfer
  • 16:9 anamorphic version for widescreen
  • Dual language format
  • Audio commentary with Bey Logan
  • Trailer archive
  • Deleted footage
Here is a look at the cover artwork and the text from the PR.

Superlatives and Jackie Chan go hand in hand, to the extent that his works are so universally praised it is all too easy to underestimate, and even overlook, the importance of some of his earlier, lesser-known films. DRAGON LORD is one such film. Made two years after his 1980 smash hit, "The Young Master", DRAGON LORD was the film with which Jackie Chan raised his own already high benchmark, creating the astonishing fight sequences and action set-pieces that would set the standard for the rest of his outstanding career.

Originally conceived as a sequel to "The Young Master", DRAGON LORD was originally titled "Young Master In Love". However, when Jackie refined his story concept and decided to concentrate on action rather than romance, cranking up the adrenaline for what would become a no-holds-barred stunt-fest, the title became "Dragon Lord".

Jackie stars as Dragon, a talented young martial arts student and sports champion who falls in love with a young village girl and, in his humorous struggle to win her over, gets caught up in a dangerous plot to smuggle precious artefacts out of China. The film showcases some of the best stunt action of Jackie's celebrated career, and includes an amazing opening Chinese football sequence (in which 90 stunt people, including Chan, were injured), a 15-minute badminton match without rackets in which the contestants manage to keep the shuttlecock off the ground without using their hands, and a jaw dropping, 20-minute fight finale which is so impressive it was later re-staged for The Protector in 1985.

Co-written and directed by Jackie Chan himself, DRAGON LORD also stars Wai-Man Chan (Project A 2), Hark-On Fung (Police Story; The Young Master), Mars (Police Story; Project A 2), Feng Tien (The Young Master) and Ing-Sik Whang (The Young Master; Way Of The Dragon).

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