Doctor Who: Tomb of the Cybermen Lip Sync Issues

The forthcoming BBC DVD Release of Doctor Who: Tomb of the Cybermen on January 14th has been the subject of much discussion at the Doctor Who Restoration Teams Technical Forum where a member has sampled the release and has reported a Lip Sync problem with the first episode.

It would seem that the first episode suffers from audio that is 2-frames out which results in a noticeable lip synching problem, the rest of the episodes are fine while the release in general would appear to be of a very high standard given the source materials condition. To read in full about this issue (and the disc itself) I will point you to the thread on the Restoration Teams Technical Forum - Here - but please note this is a public forum and as such could contain unsuitable material for younger viewers (looked fine to me though).

Thanks to Stevenxc for the information.

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