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Doctor Who: The Mark of the Rani in September

Hot on the heels of last week's announcement of The Hand of Fear in July, BBC Worldwide have now confirmed that September's release in the "Classic Who" range will be the 1985 Colin Baker story The Mark of the Rani. A two-parter from Season Twenty-Two, it sees the Doctor and companion Peri (Nicola Bryant) facing off against not one but two renegade Time Lords, namely old adversary the Master (Anthony Ainley) and new nemesis the Rani (Kate O'Mara). Set in the middle of the nineteenth century in a mining village in North East England, the story also features such delights as mines that turn people into trees, a group of rowdy miners and even George Stevenson himself and was the first Doctor Who scripted by husband and wife writing team Pip and Jane Baker (no relation).

As usual a plethora of extras have been assembled by the Restoration Team, namely:

  • Commentary by Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant and Kate O'Mara

  • Lords and Luddites: A 40-minute documentary, featuring comments from Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Kate O'Mara, writers Pip and Jane Baker, actor Gary Cady, script editor Eric Saward and composer Jonathan Gibbs

  • Now and Then: A look at the Blists Hill Victorian Museum used as the main filming location for this adventure

  • Blue Peter: An 11-minute feature on the history of Ironbridge Gorge

  • Saturday Superstore: Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant appear on the BBC children's show, and receive a phone call from an old friend...

  • Deleted and extended scenes

  • Photo gallery, PDFs of the 1985 Doctor Who Annual and Radio Times listings for this story

  • Isolated music score for the whole story by Jonathan Gibbs, and an alternate music score for episode one by composer John Lewis

  • This single-disk DVD is currently due for release on 4th September, but as ever this can change. More information can be found at the Restoration Team's homepage.

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