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Doctor Who: The Deadly Assassin (R2) in May - UPDATED with Extras and Cover

It has now been officially confirmed that May's Classic Doctor Who release from 2|Entertain will be the Tom Baker adventure The Deadly Assassin. The four-parter, written by Robert Holmes, is one of the most important in the series's history, establishing as it did much of what we now know about the Time Lords, as well as being the story that got Mary Whitehouse's knickers in a twist.

Extras, as detailed on The Restoration Team's website, are as follows:

  • Commentary with Tom Baker, producer Philip Hinchcliffe and Bernard Horsfall (Chancellor Goth).
  • The Matrix Revisited (29:16) - cast, crew and critics look back at the making of the story in this documentary from Paul Vanezis.
  • The Gallifreyan Candidate (10:30) - this featurette from Dene Films looks at Richard Condon's novel 'The Manchurian Candidate', adapted in 1962 into a film thriller starring Frank Sinatra, which is often cited as being a major influence on the plot of 'The Deadly Assassin'.
  • The Frighten Factor (16:36) - What exactly is Doctor Who's 'Frighten Factor'? A diverse panel of experts try to answer the question.
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    And the usual Radio Times listings, Coming Soon Trailer and Production Notes.

    For further information on the above check out the Restoration Team's website. The story is due for release on May 11th.

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