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Doctor Who: Planet of Evil in October

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine has confirmed that the next "Classic Who" release following September's The Key To Time will be Season Thirteen's Planet of Evil in October. First broadcast in September and October 1975, this four-parter is more than a little reminiscent of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde and sees the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith (Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen) travelling to the edge of the universe to help a stricken scientific expedition, only to find themselves battling an extremely annoyed creature made entirely of antimatter. Made at the height of the popular Philip Hinchcliffe era, it will be a welcome addition to the Who DVDs.

Extras announced so far are:

  • Hidden Hinchcliffe
  • A Darker Side
  • Planetary Performance - Acting in Doctor Who
  • and it would break all tradition if the disc didn't also come with a commentary track and production subtitles at the very least. There are no further details at the moment, but as ever be sure to keep an eye on the Restoration Team's homepage here for further updates.

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