Disney/Studio Ghibli Release News (and its not good)

In an article from the Inside.com website Disney have all but stated that they have no interest in releasing further Studio Ghibli titles in the US after the theatrical failure of Princess Mononoke. Quite frankly this is an insult to both the fans and to Disney themselves as Princess Mononoke was only ever given a very limited release (in which it clocked up a respectable $2million) and on that limited release was regularly the top selling film in the Cinema's that chose to screen it. Worse still is the fact that it is now highly unlikely that we will see a US (or Worldwide) Theatrical release of the current Japanese summer hit Spirited Away ($106million in its first 5 weeks on release in Japan) and there are also doubts about a home video/dvd release.

It does not end there though, this recent report also puts doubt in to the anticipated Region 1 DVD releases of Kiki's Delivery Service and Laputa: Castle in the Sky leaving fans with only one option, to support the excellent R2 Japanese releases (that, ironically are published by Disney) which if anything says that we are willing to spend three times the usual amount when the DVD release is done right.

The other option (and I urge everyone reading to take part) is to sign this Petition which asks that Disney at least considers releasing these wonderful films on the DVD format, and of course please do post your comments here and on this DVDForums thread.

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