Disney - not DVD's?!

Interesting this one. While perusing the uk.media.dvd newsgroup, I stumbled upon a post by Stuart Halliday entitled 'Can Disney get away with misusing the DVD logo?'.

It's a good question, and on close inspection it actually appears that Disney have taken it upon themselves to bin the industry-accepted DVD Video logo used to identify fully compliant DVDs and instead have developed their own 'Disney DVD' logo. So, that explains why they can release discs that don't meet the DVD specification! I knew there must be an answer to it.

The DVD logo is intended as a guarantee that the product you're buying meets the DVD specification laid out by the DVD Forum. Any disc or player that carries that logo should in theory comply fully with the specification laid out, and as such there shouldn't be any compatibility issues.

So, when a disc doesn't carry the official DVD Video logo, the manufacturers are not guaranteeing compatibility with the DVD specification or with any player. Now, which distributor has released numerous high profile titles that don't work on many players carrying the DVD logo? Well I never, it's Disney!

No matter how hard you look on any recent Disney release, you'll not find the official DVD logo - everywhere it should be, you'll come across the new Disney DVD one instead. So, in future beware - if the correct DVD logo isn't present there's no guarantee that the disc you are buying is going to work. If it doesn't then the disc manufacturer isn't at fault!

Let the comments commence...

Colin Polonowski

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