Disney DVD brings you The Jungle Book 2 this September

Buena Vista Home Entertainment have announced the Region 2 Disney DVD release of The Jungle Book 2 for 8th September 2003 with a £19.99 retail price. Following a low-key release at selected cinemas around the country this almost direct-to-video sequel will come with the following bonus features on DVD...

Bonus Feature Description
Recap of the Original The Jungle Book A short recap of the first story.
Mowgli’s Jungle Ruins Maze Help Mowgli find his way through ancient jungle ruins so he can return to his village. Help him solve problems and avoid dangerous animals as you pick your own path. You will discover real jungle secrets along the way through brief documentary clips.
“Legacy”-Making of The Jungle Book 2 This behind the scenes documentary will focus on how the original animated picture influenced the look, feel and story of the new movie.
Music Videos “JUNGLE RHYTHM" Music Video
"W-I-L-D" Music Video
“Wanna Be Like You” Performed By Smash Mouth
Deleted Scenes
-I Got You Beat
Watch two deleted musical sequences – “I Got You Beat” and “Braver”
Disney’s Song Selection
-Sing to the Movie
-Sing to An Individual Song
Sing to the Movie – Sing to on-screen lyrics in sync with all the songs from the movie.
Sing to An Individual Song – pick one of the songs and sing along with on-screen lyrics.

We expect the film to be presented in 1.66:1 Anamorphic Widescreen with DD5.1 Audio but are currently awaiting confirmation on this aspect of the disc. For now here is a look at the DVD pack shot followed by the press release.

Kids look set to go wild as The Jungle Book 2, the long awaited sequel to one of Disney’s most popular films of all time, is released on Disney DVD and video on September 8th.

Introduce the delightful characters from the original Jungle Book to a whole new generation and reminisce over your favourite memories as you follow the further adventures of everyone’s favourite jungle cub, Mowgli. Set amongst lush tropical surroundings, The Jungle Book 2 catches up with Mowgli and his old friends Baloo, Bagheera and Kaa as well as introducing new ones – his step brother Ranjan and friend Shanti. Together they embark on a swinging adventure through the jungle to escape from the evil Shere Khan and re-ignite old friendships.

A huge hit with families at the cinema, this delightful tale is packed with great sing-a-long songs and a whole lot of fun and laughter – perfect for all the family. Enjoy singing along to everyone’s favourite jungle rhythms ‘Bear Necessities” and “I Wanna Be Like You” as well as learning new tunes like the show-stopping “W-I-L-D” and the catchy “Jungle Rhythm”.

Story synopsis
Mowgli (Hayley Joel Osment) is now living in the man-village among the humans. His new life includes his little stepbrother, Ranjan, and his best friend Shanti, but the man-cub still has that jungle rhythm in his heart, and he misses his old buddy Baloo (John Goodman). Baloo goes in search of his friend and heads towards the man-village. However the scheming tiger Shere Khan is also on the trail to seek revenge on Mowgli. Shere Khan reaches the village first and starts to attack – thankfully Mowgli is saved just in time, by his ‘Pappa Bear’ Baloo and they both escape to the Jungle.

With a full on search for Mowgli led by Shanti and Ranjan, with Shere Khan close behind, the race is on to see who will get to Baloo and Mowgli first. But if he is to defeat his old nemesis, Mowgli will need the help of both his old pals and his new family.

Voice Talent
The film features a fantastic vocal talent to bring the jungle characters alive, including John Goodman (Roseanne, Emporer’s New Groove, Coyote Ugly, Monsters, Inc.) as the loveable Baloo; Oscar nominated Hayley Joel Osment (Sixth Sense, Hunchback of Notre Dame 2, AI) as the impish Mowgli and pop icon Phil Collins (Buster, Hook) as the vulture, Lucky.

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