Disney announce a bunch of re-releases

A couple of years ago, Buena Vista were well known for the low quality of their discs. While other studios were releasing relatively feature-packed special editions, the best we could hope for on most Buena Vista discs was an anamorphic transfer - and if we were really lucky the whole film may have been on ONE side!

Thankfully, now that they're handling their own discs we've seen an increase in the quality of their output - although sometimes at the expense of compatibility. For the most part though, things have improved tremendously over the past year and now we're beginning to see some of their notoriously bad early discs being announced in new versions.

Today, Buena Vista have announced their intention to re-release a number of their back-catalogue discs including of The Rock, Air Force One, Face/Off and Starship Troopers on 11 June, Pretty Woman and Con Air on 2 July and then we can also expect re-releases of The Horse Whisperer and Armageddon in August.

In September, we can expect new versions of Leon, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown the first two From Dusk Til Dawn films in a two-disc set. Finally, A Nightmare Before Christmas will round off this batch of re-releases in October.

Interestingly, the Armageddon DVD will be a two-disc special edition. Rumour has it that due to the arrangement with Criterion in the US, Disney have the rights to the extras included on the much-lauded special edition and will be replicating them here, only the Region 2 disc should feature an anamorphic transfer. Of course, it's highly debateable that a film as underwhelmingly poor as Armageddon deserves this treatment (cue lots of angry Armageddon fans complaining)... Armageddon will also be one of the few films to have been released THREE times in Region 2.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Leon - will we get the much sought-after Integral Version? If so, will it be uncut? Or, will it be the original version with extras? We await this news with baited breath...

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