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Details of 'Logan' Blu-ray finally appear

First details of the Logan Blu-ray have started to appear, given a release date of May 23, 2017. A digital version will be available on digital HD May 16, 2017, the same day as Logan Noir hits Alamo Drafthouse cinemas across the US - although sadly not over in here in the UK.

Thankfully, the Blu-ray will include the black and white cut, so fans over here won't completely miss out.

With the Black and Chrome edition of Mad Max: Fury Road proving to be such a hit with fans, the response to this will no doubt dictate how many more of these will be rolled out over the next couple of years.


  • Logan Noir: a black and white version of the film
  • Audio commentary by director James Mangold
  • Deleted scenes with optional commentary by Mangold
  • Making Logan – behind-the-scenes documentary

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