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Demand DVD in June/July

Demand DVD have several TV on DVD releases headed to the UK in June. All are barebones releases…

8th June 2009

Whale Wars Series 1 - £29.99 RRP - They are some of the most beautiful creatures to inhabit the oceans; graceful, intelligent and mysterious. But the planet's whale population is constantly under assault from the threat of human whaling fleets. Thankfully they have found some protection in the form of Green Peace co-founder, Captain Paul Watson and his eclectic crew of 'eco-pirates', whose ongoing struggle to protect these magnificent giants of the sea is highlighted in this TV series that will air on Channel 4 over the summer (and has already been broadcast on Animal Planet).

Born Survivor: Bear Grylls Series 3 - £39.99 RRP - The real life action hero, Bear Grylls is back! The former soldier, writer, traveller, explorer, survival expert and adventurer returns to DVD in the third season of his TV Show.

22nd June 2009

Beyond Boundaries – The African Challenge - £19.99 RRP - The first series saw them cross the jungles, deserts, rivers and live volcanoes of Nicaragua... this second series finds the group of disabled adventurers aced with a staggering trek across the wilds of continental Africa.

A Waste of Shame - £14.99 RRP - William Shakespeare is the most legendary, iconic name in the history of literature and one of the finest poets and playwrights to have ever lived. This BBC TV drama tells the story of the intense, passionate and destructive love triangle that consumed The Bard in his troubled middle years.

James May’s Big Ideas - £17.99 RRP - Flying cars, 'petrol' made from air and other mind-boggling innovations, they're all in a day’s work for Top Gear's James May and in James May's Big Ideas, he scours the globe looking for the most improbable creations of science fiction that have become science fact.

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