Dawn of the Dead 3-Disc Set from Anchor Bay

In yet more Horror related DVD news Anchor Bay unveiled their plans for the second in George Romero's horror trilogy, Dawn of the Dead, at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors...the following report sums it all up and is taken from Gorezone.

"DAWN OF THE DEAD 3 DVD set!!: Yesterday at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors, Anchor Bay representative Michael Felsher confirmed for us fanatics, the rumor of the definitive DAWN OF THE DEAD 3 disc set being released by Anchor Bay. This 3 disc set was confirmed by Felsher yesterday who said it would be released sometime in 2002 and the set will include all three cuts of the film (the U.S. theatrical cut, the 139 minute director's cut and the Dario Argento cut, ZOMBIE) -also to be included is the commentary track from the Laserdisc and very possibly (although not yet 100% confirmed), a commentary from the four main stars of the film. Felsher also stated the possibiliy of working with Synapse films and including DOCUMENT OF THE DEAD in this package! This was incredible news yesterday, DAWN OF THE DEAD is definately a top five favorite of mine and this ultimate set has already to me salivating. I can't wait for what will surely be another amazing release from Anchor Bay."

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