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David Lynch's Dumbland & Lynch (One) (R2) in June

Scanbox Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of David Lynch's Dumbland and Lynch (One) on 22nd June 2009. Two Lynch related titles, one an animated series by the director, the other a documentary on the director…

Dumbland - consists of eight animated vignettes written, directed, voiced and animated by Lynch himself (he also composed and performed the show's music) originally produced as exclusive content for his official website. Described by the director as "a crude, stupid, violent and absurd series", the episodes revolve around the day-to-day life of Randy, a boorish, impatient and violently tempered man, his constantly shrieking wife (or is she?) and their bizarrely nondescript child with a hilarious penchant for repetition, Sparky.

Lynch (One) - Over the course of two years, beginning as director David Lynch started working on a project that would eventually become "Inland Empire", a small documentary crew was allowed to follow Lynch during his day-to-day business on location and at home. The result was LYNCH (ONE), an intimate portrait of the director's creative process.

Extras include:

  • LODZ [photo montage]
  • PILOT [11 minute trailer 2004]
  • TEASER [LYNCH (one) trailer]
  • BLUE GREEN [vignette]
  • WORK [david does more work]
  • "WHAT'S MYSPACE?" [vignette]
  • FLOOR SANDER [story]
  • LYNCH2 TEASER [trailer]
  • LYNCHthree TEASER [trailer]

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