Dark Star to receive R1 special edition re-release

VCI Home Video, responsible for the superb anamorphic special edition of The City of the Dead (aka Horror Hotel) is preparing to re-do their lacklustre disc of John Carpenter and Dan O'Bannon's hilarious cult classic Dark Star.

While including both versions of the film on their current release (the original, tighter 68-minute version, and the full-length 83-minute theatrical release) using some fairly dodgy seamless branching, the new Special Edition release will have Dan O'Bannon contributing to the special features and will, at the very least, feature a new anamorphic transfer (as opposed to the fairly ropey non-anamorphic print on the current disc), as confirmed by VCI's president, Robert A Blair.

No release date has been set, but you can rest assured it is in the works!

Special thanks to Michael Allred for this information.

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