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Dallas Season 7 (R2) in September

Warner Home Video have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Dallas: The Complete Seventh Season on 17th September 2007. In Season 7, Southfork in flames is the perfect premise for more hot-blooded romance and sizzling schemes. Pam and Bobby split up while other folks team up including Miss Ellie with Clayton Farlow and Sue Ellen with a hunky Dallas darlin’ young enough to be her son.

Meanwhile it seems the Ewing brothers may be sharing control of Ewing Oil, guiding the company to more and mightier millions, but sharing makes J.R. as happy as a wildcatter drilling dust. Season Seven is a web of backroom deals, courtroom drama, jealousy and treachery, blackmail and bourbon.

As well as every original episode from the hugely successful show’s seventh season, the featurette “The Music Of Dallas” provides insight into the origins of the unmistakable theme music and how dramatic underscoring helped to make unforgettable moments even more dramatic. Features Dallas composer Jerrold Immel and series creator David Jacobs.

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