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Daisy Ridley joins the increasing numbers of high profile stars hounded off of social media

Last month, Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones left Twitter for a period after a sustained and organised campaign of abuse egged on by particularly nasty right wing element. It was a nasty situation but seemingly is becoming the norm for stars who try to connect with their fans. Just check the replies to almost any post made by a star on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and you quickly find an unsavoury few making horrible, often lewd, comments. It's grim.

Unfortunately, the latest casualty appears to be Daisy Ridley who has deleted her Instagram account in response to the comments posted on what appears to be the cross-posted version of this:

What sane person, of any political persuasion, can see any problem with that?

Well it seems many did and it wasn't long before right-wing gun loving trolls crawled out of the woodwork and set on the Star Wars star. For a run down of some of the responses checkout out thenerdybird. Ridley's contribution to social media has been nothing but positive so this development is really disappointing.

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