Cover-art update - Adaptation, The Jungle Book 2 and Anger Management!

We have just received a few pieces of cover art including two of the titles found on Columbia Tristar's August release slate. You can find those (Adaptation and Death Wish 2) in the Image Gallery as seen in this article.

We also have for you an early look at the Region 2 pack shot for Columbia Tristar's DVD release of Anger Management. Currently playing in multiplexes around the country we were more than a little surprised to receive this artwork, and even more surprised by the attached release date that is so close it just has to be a mistake, and is not worth printing here as it will only start needless rumours. If however we receive further word on an unusually quick DVD release we shall of course bring you all the details. For now though we suggest you treat this as an early look at a Christmas DVD release.

And finally we have a look at the pack shot for Buena Vista Home Entertainment's Region 2 DVD release of The Jungle Book 2 that is currently expected in late August/early September. Again, look for more on this when we have the full details.

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