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Could William Shatner Appear In Star Trek 3?

Put this one in the rumour column for now, but Badass Digest are reporting that the original James T Kirk may well be making an appearance in the next Star Trek film.

The previous two Star Trek films featured cameos from Leonard Nimoy as the original Spock, but now it seems that William Shatner may be returning to the franchise to reprise his role as James Kirk.


Shatner was apparently due to appear in JJ Abrams' first Star Trek film, but the cameo was dropped shortly before shooting on that film began. This new report seems to indicate that if Shatner does indeed appear in Star Trek 3, then it will be a significant role and will be "plot driven" rather than a walk on cameo.

Roberto Orci will take the directors chair for Star Trek 3 after JJ Abrams stepped down to direct the next Star Wars film. This will be Orci's first effort as director after making his name as a writer on such films as Star Trek, Alias, Fringe and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to name just a few.

Star Trek 3 will be released in 2016.

Source: Badass Digest

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