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Could Hateful Eight actually happen?

For a film that hasn't even been made yet, Quentin Tarantino's on/off Western The Hateful Eight made in the headlines way before the director had a chance to cast his leading roles.

The saga about his leaked script has gotten fans debating as to whether the Pulp Fiction director has truly given up on the project to move onto something else. But, according to The Wrap's Jeff Sneider, the project is reportedly still on.

Sneider reportedly tweeted "The Hateful Eight is back on as sources tell me that Quentin has reached out to Samuel L. Jackson in the week he called off the movie."

Even though this is more of an industry rumour than fact, fans still have their fingers crossed that Tarantino will deliver his much-anticipated Western...whether it will be indeed The Hateful Eight is yet to be confirmed.

Source: Total Film

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