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Cottage to Let SE in February

Network have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Cottage to Let (Special Edition) for 5th February 2007 priced at £9.99. Leslie Banks (The Arsenal Stadium Mystery, Went the Day Well?) stars as inventor John Barrington in this Second World War thriller feature film set in a remote country house.

Featuring an all-star ensemble cast that includes Alastair Sim, John Mills, George Cole and Jeanne De Casalis and directed by Anthony Asquith, Cottage to Let was an important British movie, having been released in 1941 when the outcome of the war was still in the balance.

Extras include:

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  • The Prodigal Daughter, an Anglia TV play from 1975. A distressed young lady takes on the job of looking after a house full of Roman Catholic Ministers with some consequence to their future lives. Stars Starring Alastair Sim, Jeremy Brett, Charles Kay, Carolyn Seymour and Karl Howman

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